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Premier Clinic

WeComed Clinic: founded by group of ABIM Certified (American Board of Internal Medicine) Chinese-American physicians. We provide comprehensive healthcare service with full scope of internal medicine. It is located in the center of Bellevue . We only accept clients with annual premier membership.

Live a healthier and longer life.



We provide top-quality, evidence-based and up-to-date medical care with superior personal service and attention· We take a comprehensive approach not only to treat your medical condition, but also to promote your health and wellness focusing on prevention, early detection and intervention, and life style changes.


We believe that your healthcare is a partnership between you and healthcare provider. To develop an effective relationship between you and your physicians is vital to achieve the ultimate goal of your health maintenance. We believe that your healthcare is not just a simple cure of underlying medical condition, rather an establishing of balance of your body as an individual.

I. Standardized individual health profile:


For every new patient, we will help you establish a health profile

using electronic standard CCR format (continuity of care record). This health

profile is a roadmap for your healthcare and it will be continuously

updated each time you visit us. You also have an access to your records.


II. Comprehensive primary care


We provide full scope of primary care of internal medicine to meet your

healthcare needs with both acute and chronic medical conditions. The

comprehensive annual physical exam will be focused on disease early

detection, intervention and preventions , immunization update, stress management and life style counseling. We use USPSTF-recommended screening tool with evidence-based and age-striated laboratory test and diagnostic study to assess disease specific risk factors including cardiovascular disease and cancer, then formulate a comprehensive approach and recommendation to improve and maintain your health wellness.


Premier health maintenance program


We provide comprehensive health and fitness assessments with scientifically-approved methods, including Body Composition, Flexibility (Range of Motion, Muscular Fitness, Aerobic Capacity (VO2 Max), Blood Lactate (Threshold Analysis), Cellular Health, then develop an individualized and multilayer tailored health care plan with focus on cardiocerebral vascular wellness and skeletomuscular fitness. We use BSHR Health Risk Assessment Tool to accurately predict your future health profile. This data will be instrumental in the development of your risk assessment and disease prevention programs.


III. Selected genetic test and counseling


We provide our clients personalized genomic and proteomic testing services that will help you to understand your DNA and to create a plan with our collaborative genetic counselor to provide a detailed analysis of your DNA to give you important insight into your genetic predisposition to a variety of health conditions. This information will be integrated into our patented systems medicine assessment modeling method to compile a comprehensive report that allows you to understand your results. Genetic counseling will help you understand your results and discuss how to integrate this information into your life and to reduce your health risk and focus your health efforts on what matters most.


IV. Alternative Medicine Service


Provide scientifically validated, research-based guidance on vitamin and mineral

supplementation, dietary supplements, traditional Chinese medicine including

acupuncture and chiropractics and ifestyle changes in health promotion.


V. Extensive subspecialty referral network and coordination of cares.


When your medical condition requires we will refer you to see a subspecialty physician

using our extended subspecialty network, including hospital care coordination and follow up.


VI. International travel healthcare coverage and arrangement.


Include necessary vaccine, coordination of international network of hospitals and physicians.

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