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Transform Tomorrow’s Healthcare through Innovation  


Transform healthcare delivery through technology innovation


Innovate new method and systems to deliver healthcare more cost effectively


Cross disciplines collaboration of     physicians, IT professionals and   research scientists

 WeComed: founded by a group of licensed Chinese American physicians and Healthcare IT professionals with headquarter in Seattle, Washington State, USA. The aim of the company is to transform future healthcare delivery systems through technology innovation and deliver healthcare more cost-effectively.


WeComed: established on the belief that collaboration between clinicians and IT professionals will create a platform where new ideas can be tested and new method will be invented to improve tomorrow’s healthcare delivery systems.


WeComed: focused on three core business:


  • Premier Clinic   provide superb, patient-centered, individualized and yet standardized health service by ABIM certified physicians;


  • Consulting Service  provide medical consulting, care standard and protocols, physician training, and telemedicine service; also provide consulting service in geriatric care, assisted living, skilled nursing care and chronic disease management.


  • Technology Innovation  explore new technology in Cloud, Mobile medicine, Data mining, and Systems Biology and their impact and applications in healthcare through its affiliated WeCom Institute of Systems Medicine (WISM). A current project is focused on AI medicine and its application in CDSS.

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