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Technology Innovations

WeComed:  we believe that technology innovation will transform how we live, think and deliver healthcare in the future. We set up collaborative platform for clinicians, IT professionals and systems biology scientists to create and nurture big ideas, new thinking and innovate new methods and systems to reshape our entire array of human health and healthcare. We focus on telemedicine, mobile medicine and the impact of Big Data and artificial intelligence on future healthcare delivery and integration of systems medicine into daily medical practice and individualized health maintenance .
WeComed: we are developing a system and method in the mobile medicine area for a centralized platform to coordinate outpatient with healthcare providers; we are developing a wearable device app for health maintenance; we are developing a computation model to assess and predict disease specific risks; we are developing CDSS using AI technology to better assist clinicians deliver healthcare service to their patients.  we will launch Wecom Institute for Systems Medicine (WISM) with goal of to solve conventional clinical problems in an unconventional way using the principles of systems medicine and AI technology. We have submitted three patents in the area of virtual clinic and hospitals, mobile medicine and systems medicine.
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